Thursday, 6 January 2011

New version published (V0.1.2)

I published a new version to the Android Market this evening.


  • Minor UI enhancements
  • Added display of changelog when starting a new version for the first time
UI enhancements are:
  • Barcode field is non-editable and non-focusable. This shouldn't be a problem as most or all phones and tablets have a camera to allow for scanning the barcode directly so there shouldn't be any need to edit it directly in the database. If enough people find this to be an issue, I'll address it in a future version. In any case, editing it will force the master database and inventory to be out of sync as they are linked by the explicit barcode, rather than the barcode ID. Bad decision I know, but within the confines of the app, it's not too much of a problem - though I may fix it up later for the sake of cleaner code and aesthetics.
  • Manufacturer and Description fields now automatically capitalise each word.

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